Canadian Graduate Students and Hopefuls

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This is a community for Canadian graduate students and hopefuls. If you are a Canadian student (interested in) attending grad school in Canada or elsewhere, this is the place for you; if you are a student from elsewhere (interested in) attending grad school in Canada, this is the place for you.

Graduate school is loosely defined, but generally means programs that lead to an MA, MSc, or PhD. Ok, fine, I also mean those leading to an MLA - though just barely - and those that lead to more rarely seen degrees like MDiv, PEng, MEd, PsyD, MLitt, MPhil, EdD, etc.

Graduate school does not mean post-graduate certificate and/or diploma programs. Those are for people who want jobs with an otherwise generally unmarketable set of skills. :P

Graduate school also specifically excludes those who have completed a BA and are moving on to teacher's college to pursue a BEd. Those (hopefully) pursuing an MEd or EdD are welcome.

If you are looking for more general grad school communities, hopefuls may want to check out applyingtograd, current grad students may want to check out gradstudents.

For a more general Canadian university community, check out canadau.

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2. Play nice. Don't make me ***BANZZZZOR!*** anybody.

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